Our greatest hits, in print.


This is the inaugural issue of Asimov Press, a publishing venture devoted to scientific progress in biology. Aptly, our first issue celebrates origins. From the inception of synthetic biology to the beginnings of human challenge trials and the making of the first transgenic ants, this collection explores some of the foundational discoveries that have led us to the scientific world as we know it.

Books are printed on Cougar White Vellum paper with foil-stamped covers and Smyth-sewn bindings to ensure they fall and stay open comfortably. Each book measures 5.5” by 8.5”. Profits are donated to Malaria Consortium, an organization that vaccinates children against malaria.

Table of contents
  1. Introduction (Editors)
  2. Synthetic Origins (Michael Elowitz)
  3. Making the Micropipette (Metacelsus)
  4. Engineering Ants (Taylor Hart)
  5. Fast Biology (Niko McCarty)
  6. What Science Can Learn from Car Mechanics (Trevor Klee)
  7. Discovering an Antimalarial Drug in Mao's China (Wendi Yan)
  8. Making Cells Young (José Luis Ricón)
  9. Scaling Phage Therapy (Tom Ireland)
  10. Deliberate Dysentery (Jake Eberts)
  11. Blocked Transmission (Tom Ough)
  12. The Vector Zoo (Xander Balwit)