This is the era of biology.

Dozens of cell and gene therapies have been FDA-approved. Engineered microbes feast on steel factory waste and convert it to ethanol. Some vaccines are designed on computers. Transgenic goats make lysozyme-laced milk that could help prevent childhood diarrheal diseases. And 95 percent of livestock in America are fed with genetically-modified crops.

Our food and medical systems are already reliant upon biotechnology. In a few decades, so too will just about everything else. But when progress is swift, stories lag. Too many people are unaware of biology’s promise, or hold only vague thoughts about its perils.

We need more data-driven stories that make sense of the past, present, and future of biotechnology. That’s why we’re announcing Asimov Press, an editorially-independent publishing venture that will produce essays, themed magazine issues, and books. Our team will cover diverse stories, people, and places by sharing work that spans history, biology, software, and ethics.

Our ambition is to grow the bioeconomy by sharing positive ideas that attract talent, inspire research, and crowdsource solutions to global challenges. We’ll try to make sense of biosecurity, protein design, genome editing, and whatever comes next. Instead of being passive participants in this strange era, we’ll use stories to make sense of, and shape, humanity’s future. We are looking to hire an Editor/Writer to join the team. We are also commissioning essays. Please get in touch with your ideas.

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